About I-PEEL

I-PEEL takes objects and practices from everyday life as entry points to the study of International Political Economy (IPE). It is designed to allow users to follow their own interests, and provides unique perspectives on IPE from some of the leading scholars in the field. Just peel back a tile to find out more about who gets what in the global economy, why, and how might it be changed. An I-PEEL teaching guide is available for academics seeking to use the resource in the classroom.

The I-PEEL editorial team is composed of Dr James Brassett, Dr Juanita Elias, Dr Lena Rethel and Dr Ben Richardson. Phil Tutty has been employed as a software engineer and Luke Bantock and Ruben Kremers as editorial assistants. The project was initiated by the editorial team in September 2015 using funding from the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning at the University of Warwick.

The website is registered to the I-PEEL editorial team and hosted on WordPress. Content is published under a Creative Commons licence (BY-NC-ND) which allows others to download the content and share it as long as the author is credited, but does not allow others to change the content or use it commercially.

To cite the pages please use the format: Author (no date) ‘Page title‘ on I-PEEL website, available at: webpage [Accessed date]. Please bear in mind that this is not a peer-reviewed academic source, and so it is preferable to read and cite a related piece by the author. If available, these can be found in the Further Reading section.

Thanks to Ben Scarborough for the animation and Honey Fafowora for narrating.